An invisible enemy

A war between worlds.

And only one man can prevent it all: Darkleich

When an invisible ship starts attacking a growing coalition of planets, the panic-stricken leaders appoint Darkleich, a courageous and honorable soldier, to uncover its secrets.

Especially since the possibility of this ship’s involvement with a spiteful and dangerous species, the Kadarian, puts the survival of the entire galaxy at stake. As Darkleich and the authorities wrack their brains for schemes on how to tackle the Kadarian, four emissaries are stuck amidst unimaginable danger on the planet below. One of which may possess the power to turn the tides of the conflict.

As the motive behind the attacks comes to light, stories of long forgotten wars resurface and secrets that can shake the foundations of history are unveiled. Embark on Darkleich’s incredible journey in the first book of this action-packed series and dare yourself to stop reading.

A power-hungry leader.

Cutthroat betrayal.

And the man who will combat it all: DARKLEICH

When the authoritative Chancellor Junar survives a brutal attack by an inhabitant of the Raptarian planet, he sets forces in motion to get his revenge.

It is the year 2624, and fifteen planets have joined to create the United Alliance for Interplanetary Worlds (UAIW), a collaboration dedicated to maintaining widespread peace throughout space.

But ruthless criminals still evade the UAIW’s reach.

Recruiting retired military officer, Darkleich, an honorable officer with multiple combats under his belt, Junar orders the creation of the Criminal Retrieval Unit and puts Darkleich at the helm.

His mission: to pursue the notorious Raptarian criminal, Zigart. A ruthless combatant that quickly leaves Darkleich injured, and reeling over a shocking betrayal.

The deeper Darkleich delves into the newfound knowledge, the more dangerous the search for truth becomes. Is he ready to face the consequences when he finds it?

This is a thrilling sci-fi epic full of classic villains, pulse-racing suspense and a flawed, but heroic protagonist.

Darkleich, the lion-hearted soldier and the epitome of valor and strength, continues the dangerous yet exhilarating mission of vanquishing Junar—a formidable crime lord operating from behind bars through his puppet-like henchmen.

Darkleich and his two most trusted companions, Rizzum and Lasatan, struggle with their own harrowing tales of past misery, but the mission must go on. The journey is packed with danger at every turn but the invincible trio treads forward, overcoming every obstacle through sheer resilience and strength while Junar sketches out his plans for mass destruction.

As flashbacks from their tangled pasts unfold, things are no longer as simple as they appear on the surface. Secrets that hold their stories together threaten to tear them apart, and when betrayal, treachery, and deception strike, they are left to doubt their own.

Earth, once a majestic, lush green planet bustling with life, is turned into shreds when an asteroid smashes into its surface in the year 2165, causing a flurry of catastrophic events. All life becomes extinct, except for the 400,000 humans escorted to a far-off planet by the Kanakim, a peaceful and ingenious alien species.

Darkleich, the invincible war hero and commander, along with his most trusted companions, Rizzum, a telepath, and Lasatan, a cybernetically advanced woman, are on a mission to retrieve a destructive device from Earth.

However, shocking discoveries await their arrival on the planet, including the fact that it is not uninhabited like they once thought. Encountering new underground civilizations and terrible enemies, the trio race against time to complete their mission. If the planet-destroying device they seek comes into possession of sinister hands, it could result in the extermination of countless worlds.

Do they have it in them to overcome impossible odds one more time?

Darkleich, the Commander of the CRU (Criminal Retrieval Unit) must protect the United Alliance of Interplanetary Worlds, and so far, he has performed his duty excellently. However, before he can rest, he soon finds himself faced with two major threats: Rizzum the Toucan, a loyal friend and disciple turned brother—has stood by Darkleich for years…but now the bond between him and Darkleich is more fractured than ever.

And then there is Mar'Lek the Shinai. Sworn to kill Darkleich and all he stands for; he is closer than ever to ruling the Galaxy.

Can Darkleich withstand attacks from all sides to save the galaxy one more time? Can he defeat his enemy without causing his relationship with Rizzum to end up beyond repair?

This book is about comradeship and rivalry—a thriller about people coming together to protect the world they love, whether it is personal or beyond the stars.

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